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Quick Tip # 7

Garter/Bouquet Toss - The normal way to do this is to have your new hubby slide off your garter, then he tosses it into a group of guys, then you do he same with your bouquet (or vice-versa), then both 'catchers' replace you and your hubby while the garter is now placed back on the leg of the bouquet receiver. Yawn.

You only need to make one small adjustment to spice it up a little. Line up both the bachelors and the bachelorettes next to each other, with you and your hubby at the other end with your back to the proper group. Now, toss the items at the same time and no one knows who is going to win! This eliminates the scenario where your 7-year old niece catches the bouquet, then no eligible 'bachelor' lines up to catch the garter. A slightly uncomfortable and time-consuming moment (trying to coax more bachelor participation).

Naturally, the shape and size of the room may have an affect on this. But, when done right, this leaves more time for regular dancing fun. By the way, in general, it might be a good idea to discourage child participation in this event if the 'catchers' would likely have a wide age difference.

BIG TIME Music & Lights - DJ Service - Weddings, Parties, Dances, etc.
Outdoor ceremony in the country south of Syracuse.

(Photo courtesy of emanphoto)

BIG TIME Music & Lights - The Fingerlakes BEST DJ Service!

  Michael Fullerton, Owner/DJ
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"You Need A DJ!...Now What?
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You Need A DJ!...Now What?

Here is the typical mission statement for most reputable DJ services...

"To provide quality musical entertainment to our clients for a wide range of social events. To deliver personal service to help create an event to remember."

Sounds simple enough. But there are DJ's out there who have yet to learn and grasp this simple concept.

Being a DJ is far more than just having a loud stereo and a bunch of music. We are NOT all the same. Yes, there are aspects of what we do that are very similar and carry over from one event to another, from one DJ to another. But each DJ has their own personality, their own style, and their own presentation.

There are some DJ's who are more like circus 'ringmasters' and are quite 'over-the-top' with their show. They may grab grandma and drag her out onto the dance floor in an effort to be 'personable'. There are also DJ's who may be just starting out and may not have the 'proper' experience for most event types. But most DJ's fall somewhere in between. And there's a LOT of in between. Choosing the right DJ for your event means finding someone who must deliver in two main areas (in my opinion). Technical and Client Relations.

BIG TIME Music & Lights - The Fingerlakes BEST DJ Service!
Yes, I'm getting grayer!
(photo courtesy of Timeless Treasures photography)

The Technical aspect is fairly easy to achieve for those willing to invest. The only limits are the funds available to purchase high-quality equipment. From a circuitry standpoint, there isn't much difference between most home stereo equipment, and professional sound equipment. Naturally, there are a few more features on professional equipment versus home equipment, but the REAL difference is how 'rugged' and dependable the equipment is.

Loading and unloading, external environmental changes (cold vehicle to warm hall, back to cold vehicle), and internal environmental changes (spilled drinks, guest abuse, etc.) would all destroy common home stereo components very quickly. And these could all fail at the worst possible time...in the middle of a performance. Lighting should be neat and functional. It should be properly mounted and not lying on the floor or table (unless so designed). Wires should be hidden when needed and kept to a minimum where possible. Also, a backup plan should be in place if something should go wrong. It doesn't necessarily mean 'two of everything', but it should provide for most common eventualities. Professional sound and lighting equipment is needed to have the best possible chance at a reliable and worry-free performance.

BIG TIME Music & Lights - The Fingerlakes BEST DJ Service!
(photo courtesy of Timeless Treasures photography)

The second aspect is Client Relations. This is THE most important factor of the two leading to success or resulting in failure. Most DJ's, part-time, full-time, or multi-system operators, really DO want to succeed. And succeed correctly. I've seen 'weekend warriors' do a fantastic job, and I've also seen full-time staff from large DJ companies not even handle the basics correctly. And there are a few out there (and we've all heard the stories) who are DJ'ing for other reasons. Overly socializing with guests (read: 'Trying to pick someone up!'), visiting the open bar (all too frequently), free meals, ego trips, or just simply wanting to hear 'their' favorite songs really loud. And these are what I've seen with my own eyes while attending other events. These DJ's muddy the water and perception the public has about DJ's in general.

As professional DJ's, our job is to provide the client (you) with music and MC duties for your specific social event in a manner that you approve of, and your guests enjoy. That's pretty clinical, but let's face it, that's basically what we're supposed to do. By adding our own personalities, style, musical knowledge and selection, and choice of quality sound and lighting equipment, we hope that combination is exactly what you're looking for. And since we, the general public, are all different, there are many good DJ's out there to suit nearly every taste.

Quality DJ attributes 'should' include:

  1. Suitable attire that is appropriate for the type of event.
  2. Professional looking equipment and setup (least amount of unsightly wires, etc.).
  3. Does not try to take over YOUR event.
  4. Absolutely does not drink alcohol or take 'smoke' breaks while working.
  5. Pays attention to the show, and not any cute guests at the bar.
  6. Constant communication with the staff and the other event professionals.
  7. Liability insurance coverage for client's and venue's piece of mind.

BIG TIME Music & Lights - The Fingerlakes BEST DJ Service!
(photo courtesy of Captivating Images photography)

Now to the sales pitch. (grin) BIG TIME Music & Lights can provide your event with just the type of atmosphere you're looking for. The sound equipment is all industry-specific and suited for the purpose. The lighting is top-notch featuring 'intelligent' lighting commonly found in the hottest nightclubs. All announcements are made when required and in a manner that is not offensive or overbearing. No breaks are taken. A free meal is not required, or expected. Tips are naturally appreciated, but NEVER assumed. And let's not forget, BTML is fully insured. With over 20 years experience, BIG TIME Music & Lights does what it's supposed to do...set the stage for an enjoyable and memorable event.

Browse the site to learn more about us and what we have to offer and see if BIG TIME Music & Lights fits in with your vision and idea for your event. Give us a try...you won't be disappointed.

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Some Past Clients:

Lochland School - Geneva, NY
LaBella and Associates, Rochester, NY
Sears - Cicero, NY
Watertown Jr/Sr High School - Watertown, NY
Immaculate Heart High School - Watertown, NY
Utica Roadrunners - Utica, NY
Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. - Oswego, NY
Herkimer High School - Herkimer, NY
ACS - East Syracuse, NY
East Syracuse-Minoa Jr. High School - East Syracuse, NY

...and many, many happy brides & grooms!

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Locations Performed At:

Midvale Country Club - Penfield, NY
Burgundy Basin - Pittsford, NY
Gilfillan's West Hill Country Club - Camillus, NY
The Lodge - Skaneateles, NY
Warfield's Restaurant - Clifton Springs, NY
Inn On The Lake - Canandaigua, NY
Wyndham Hotel - Syracuse, NY
Bella Domani - Syracuse, NY
Holiday Inn - Waterloo, NY
Thendara Inn - Canandaigua, NY
Terra Cotta - Binghamton, NY
Belhurst Castle - Geneva, NY
American Legion Hall - Geneva, NY
The White Deer Inn - Romulus, NY
Club 86 - Geneva, NY
Ventosa Winery - Geneva, NY

BIG TIME Music & Lights - DJ Service - Weddings, Parties, Dances, etc.
Ventosa Winery, Geneva, NY

Esperanza Mansion - Bluff Point, NY
Fred Grimaldi's Chop House - Syracuse, NY
Barbagallo's - East Syracuse, NY
The Rusty Rail - Canastota, NY
Fireside Inn - Baldwinsville, NY
Hinerwadel's - North Syracuse, NY
LeMoyne Manor - Liverpool, NY
Phol's Beach House - Sylvan Beach, NY
Dibble's Inn - Vernon, NY
The Roselawn - New York Mills, NY
Wysocki's Lake Park Manor - Cicero, NY
Valentino's Banquet Hall - New Hartford, NY
Geneva Country Club - Geneva, NY
Sarrasin's On The Lake - Penn Yan, NY
Elk's Lodge - Penn Yan, NY
Clifton Springs Country Club - Clifton Springs, NY
Ramada Inn - Geneva, NY
Bamba Bistro - Rochester, NY
Robach Community Center (Ontario Beach Park) - Rochester, NY
Steamboat Landing - Canandaigua, NY
Sonnenberg Gardens - Canandaigua, NY

...and many, many more!

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BIG TIME Music & Lights - DJ Service - Weddings, Parties, Dances, etc.
Sarrasin's On The Lake, Penn Yan, NY

Equipment Used:

Lights Used (clips courtesy of American DJ, Chauvet Lighting, & Eliminator Lighting)

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Video From The Scene:

Some video clips from various events to help you get an idea on how much fun YOUR next event will be! Imagine how good the light show would look in almost total darkness and with fog*!

Light Show from audience perspective (daytime)
Light Show from audience perspective (evening)
Light Show from dance floor view (daytime)
Light Show from dance floor view (evening)
Conga Line!

(*fog effect can only be used under certain conditions and with the permission of the event facility)

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"It's Music To Your Ears!"

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